No matter what type of business you need to promote, a swag giveaway can be a great way to do it. In a pinch, you might put together a bag from things that are donated or samples from participating partners. Ideally, you will put together a swag bag with purpose. Here are some things you need to get maximum lead generation from your swag giveaway.

A Wide Reach

There are some marketing strategies that you can’t fully measure in order to determine success. Therefore, when you use swag bags as a strategy, you should encourage its use as a way to promote the event and brand. The wider the reach, the more success it is likely to have. People like stuff that they get for free; everyone from conference attendees to celebrities at award shows enjoy a nice swag bag. So, the bag will not be rejected; you just have to be calculated in your method. Swag is a cost-effective strategy that offers the potential for maximum visibility.


Your swag should be treated as a lead magnet that allows follow up and connecting. In online marketing, a lead magnet is something that is offered for free but requires something in return. In home-school circles, entrepreneurial moms offer a free lesson in PDF form in exchange for their email address. For a swag bag, you can drop in a flyer that promotes a product. An offer for that product can be redeemed by entering the code on the flyer to a website or app online. Code redemption can even help you build your email list.

Make It Useful

Even though you are aiming for a wide reach with your swag bag, you should still know the characteristics of your ideal convert. Then, take that data and apply it to the items that are going into the bag. Pens and reusable water bottles are popular promotional items because everyone can use them. If you are targeting someone in the tech industry, USBs are a viable option. For the beauty industry, the bag might be a simple re-usable case or nylon bag.

Lead generation is important for building a customer base, and swag bags are a great way to do it. No matter how you put together your swag bag, remember to ensure each item has a purpose and suggests that the recipient takes action so you can build your business.

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