Drumroll please….

After months of working out the details we are very excited to announce that we can now sell customized Under Armour gear to our awesome customers! As one of the few in Michigan and the entire country, this is a great opportunity to team up with us and let us help you utilize the power of Under Armour to help strengthen your brand.

I bet you’re thinking, “Under Armour is too expensive! I can’t afford to outfit my employees with that. What’s a cheaper but comparable option?” Hey, we get it completely. Sometimes there just isn’t a budget for it. I won’t shy away from giving you an alternative choice based on pricing, but trust me when I say the price of Under Armour is more than worth it. Not only will they outlast the rest of your wardrobe with the superior construction, they’ll be more comfortable and give you way more impressions. If your team has a choice at the next trade show or meeting between an Under Armour polo or the “cheaper” version you went with, they’ll pick UA. Beat them to the choice by getting your logo on Under Armour, and make it easier. Like the saying goes, “Cheap clothes are too expensive. Buy quality instead!”

Ready to start your order? Call us at 800-331-5251! We can’t wait to work with you.