Prospects, people you meet at networking events, and your customers get a lot of business cards. So many that they all can seem pretty much the same. They are often the same color, same size, and likely the same weight. Let’s take a look at some ways to make your card stand out and not get lost in the mix.

What Information to Add

When it comes to the information on your business card, make it personal. You may be surprised to know that some of the most memorable business cards have an amazing amount of white space. Make sure that the design of your card lends room not only for contact information but to also add personal touches that reflect who you are. There are several benefits of getting a professional email and including it on your business card as well.

Aside from adding your professional email and contact information to your business card, you may wish to leave room on the card for personal touches such as a short memorable note. This will help you to stand out. For example, you could leave room in the design of your business card that allows you to make a note of when you met or write a thank you message.

The Style and Design

Take your business card up a weight size. Because so many people look for savings when purchasing business cards, they usually end up with cheaper paper. Studies have shown that the weight class or quality of paper of presentation documents affects how a business is perceived. This is also true of business cards. Be sure to select a reliably firm and sturdy card stock so that you leave a strong impression for a better representation of your brand.

Do Something Different

Standard business cards are 3.5-by-2 inches in size. If you choose a slightly different card size, it is sure to stand out from others a person has collected. It will be more likely that your card gets a second look. Half-height cards, square cards, or cards that are just slightly different than standard business cards will grab people’s attention. If it is in line with your brand, you can also play around with a color such as red or yellow as another way to catch the eye.

There are several ways for you to create a business card that stands out and helps to get your name out there. Overall, think outside the box. The information printed on the card is important, but certain design elements can make a huge impact.

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