Kelgraphics recently launched a new awesome feature for our customers with Fundraising Stores, giving you the power to raise money for your organization by selling t-shirts at no up-front cost or risk to you! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our template store HERE.

We’re proud to announce an added feature just release: Incorporating sponsorships into your campaigns!

Sponsors are everywhere. Take the recent Super Bowl as an example. Can you imagine a sports arena or event without corporate advertising? But don’t assume that sponsorships are limited to professional or major sports events. Small local events such as 5K runs and festivals also offer plenty of sponsorship opportunities.

Why is this important for your Fundraising Campaign? Your event sponsors will LOVE the fact that you can display their logos directly on the campaign page, and it also provides them an incentive to share the campaign with their social networks. There are also plenty of commitment ideas that can come of this, for example have your sponsor pledge a $1 contribution for every shirt raised. This type of marketing buzz will help spread your campaign across multiple networks and increase your groups’ t-shirt sales!

Kelgraphics has the ability to add your event sponsors to your campaign site, and you can get started creating one today! Click Here for more info.