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Top Picks for Screen Printing

With a catalog of hundreds of products, it’s tough to find the one that’s perfect for your team. Below find the good, better & best picks from our staff for a multitude of categories!

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Crewneck Sweats

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Creative Process

Printing a t-shirt, from design concept to final delivery is a pretty interesting and unique process. Below is a rough overview of some of the steps involved in printing your order. Hopefully you’ll get a basic understanding of the screen printing method!

1. Screen Setup

A screen frame is stretched with polyester screen fabric we call mesh. We then coat these screens with a photographic material called emulsion, and by using ultraviolet light we “expose” the film onto the screen. 

2. Artwork

Whether it’s a design for your event, or your organization’s logo, the process is the same. Our design team will re-create your artwork inside our graphics program, and print each individual color (if your design has more than one) onto a transparent material. This is the final film used to create a screen.

3. Printing

Using a manual or automatic printer (depending on the size of your order), our print team uses these newly exposed screens to print your design. Each color in the design is transferred through the screen’s stencil with a squeegee until the overall design is entirely printed on the t-shirt.

4. Drying Your Shirt

After the shirt is printed with your design, we send it down a dryer, which is a conveyor belt-driven machine that exposes the necessary heat to your t-shirt in order to make sure the design is cured evenly and will hold up wash after wash. 

5. Finished Product

A Kelgraphics team member stands at the end of the conveyor belt to receive each shirt in your order. After folding (usually by 12) each size and color individually, the entire order is placed inside it’s package and the job is marked as complete. It is then sent to our shipping department for delivery via UPS, or marked as ready for pickup and we’ll give you a call to let you know it’s available.

Over 36 Years Screen Printing

Owner Chuck Kelly started Kelgraphics in the late 1970’s with a homemade screen printing machine. As the industry grew, Kelgraphics grew with it, adding employees, state of the art printers and maintaining a culture of constant evolvement so we can continue to be the best source of printed apparel for our customers.


A tagline emblazoned on the walls of our conference room, each and every one of our employees holds true to this motto as we go through each stage of your order. 

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