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Need to outfit your staff with new apparel, but want to avoid the usual hassles of collecting sizes, endless product requests and the inevitable sorting and distributing the completed items by yourself? We are here for you with our revolutionary custom stores platform! We handle everything, so you can focus on running your business. Read more info below and learn how you can get started!

Corporate Store Features

Our support staff will work with you on what products you would like to offer, how much each item will sell for, and how long the store should run, and we will handle the rest.

Pre-Approved Products

Employees can select from a range of pre-approved products that you pick. We will be here with suggestions!

Order On Demand

Don’t worry about carrying stock for new employees! Direct them to your store and they can pick their staff uniforms themselves.

Kitting Services

We will deliver your orders kitted by employee for easy distribution, making this an almost entirely hands-free ordering experience for you.

Individual Personalization

We can set up your online store so employees can add their position, name or anything else to a second location on their apparel. They will enter what they want during the ordering process and their price will update accordingly.

Uniform Budgets

Our customizeable platform will work with your company’s budget! By providing coupons you can pay for the exact amount you would like per employee, and they have the option to purchase additional items above the coupon amount.


Never collect individual sizes, colors or products on a per-employee level ever again! With our online stores platform, your next custom apparel order will be hassle-free, and we look forward to working with you! Call to get started today.

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The Online Store Setup Process

Looking for more info? Check out some Q&A and FAQs you should know below.

What type of company are these stores for?

We call them “Corporate Stores” so we could have a catchy name, but in fact these Online Stores are for any business! Big or small ,we know that our revolutionary platform will help take the headache out of ordering custom apparel for your staff.

How does pricing work?

Due to the headaches our stores platform solves for your company, pricing is based off a 6 piece order, and quantity discounts do not apply even if you sell a much higher quantity. This covers our time spent setting up the stores, covers thread changes, kitting orders by individual, setup fees for multi-placements and a ton more.

How does delivery work when the order is complete?

We can set up multiple pickup locations that each employee can choose during checkout, for example multiple departments within a building. We will then individually bag each employee’s order and separate them by department so it’s 100% easier to distribute the orders. We can also set up a shipping method via USPS if you would like the option for employees to receive their items at home.

How does the timeframe work?

During the store setup, we will work with you on deciding a start and end date for the store. Orders will be placed during this time, and after the end date the store will close and we will begin production. Ordes will be delivered within two business weeks!

What about On Demand Production?

For qualifying businesses we can also set up a company store that never closes! Embroidered items only for this option, and once your employee places an order we’ll sent it to production immediately. Orders will still follow the two business week turnaround time with this method.

Embroidery only?

Over the years we have found embroidery is the best decoration method for businesses due to the professional nature of the garments usually chosen, but we are flexible! We’re happy to work with you to set up a store that is only printed items, or has embroidery and screen printing.

Can I change the look and feel of the website?

Absolutely! Our platform lets us offer a wide range of customizable features, including the ability to change theme colors, add custom content such as images and videos and much more. Our design team will work with you every step of the way until it’s exactly how you want it.

I have strict regulations/policies to follow, what now?

Is corporate demanding specific things, such as PO’s, constant reporting, brand standards/guidelines? No worries! We have seen it all and can follow your instructions almost exactly, and if we can’t we’re here to offer suggestions or work arounds.

I'm sold! How do I start?

Great to hear! Head over to this Store Application form to send us some important information, and we’ll be in touch! You can also reach out to us at 1-800-331-5251.

Our Recommended Products

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