Charity, Benefits & Event
Online Stores

Interested in setting up a store to raise awareness around a certain charity, event or cause? We are here to help! By creating an online store, you can potentially raise awareness for your cause throughout the country.

Benefits and Event Store Features

Our support staff will work with you on what products you would like to offer, how much each item will sell for, and how long the store should run. We will handle the rest!

Branded Products

Create a movement with awesome apparel that you can sell to raise awareness and money for your cause.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Don’t worry about handling inventory, or purchasing too many or too little products for your event or cause by setting up an online store with Kelgraphics.

Awesome Brands

Choose up to 4 items to display on your store! We have some great suggestions below to get started.

Individual Personalization

Want to let your supporters personalize their apparel? We can help with that! Let them add a name or some text during the checkout process and their price will update accordingly.

One Great Design

To help your store succeed, we’ve found that offering a limited number of products printed with the same design is a great way to ensure a uniform look for all your supporters, generating a sense of together-ness in your cause.


Focus on what you set out to do with your event: raise awareness. We will handle the collecting of sizes, payments and delivery of the apparel so you don’t have to! Call today to get started.

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The Online Store Setup Process

Looking for more info? Check out some Q&A and FAQs you should know below.

How does pricing work?
All-Inclusive Pricing is how we describe the model we follow for online stores. Due to the headaches that are solved with this platform, we charge 24 piece screen print column pricing no matter the final volume sold. For fundraisers, you can have us increase the price to help raise money.

For Embroidery, we charge 6 piece column pricing.

This policy allows us to not charge for things like screen size changes, thread changes, ink changes, individually bagging orders, etc.

How does delivery work when the order is complete?
We can offer two options for delivery:

  • Ship to buyer’s home
  • Pick up at a location (Good option if you have an event where supporters can pick up their orders)

For shipping to home via USPS there is a small shipping fee that the buyer will pay. Pick up at location carries no fee with it though. You can offer just one of the options or both!

A note for pick up at location: We will make sure each order is bagged separately to help you distribute everything more easily at the event.

What if we don't meet a minimum of 24 printed items or 6 embroidered items sold on the store?
Sometimes stores don’t do so well, due to lack of widespread sharing of the link to supporters, and we totally understand that. If we don’t hit the minimum of 24 for screen printing or 6 for embroidery, there will be a $100 fee taken out of the profits, or all of the profits, whichever is lower if these minimums aren’t hit. If the store was not run as a fundraiser, there will be no additional fees or anything added to your bill. 
How does personalization work?
We have the ability to add up to 3 personalization fields to each product. This is often where buyers can add an individual name (last name or nickname, for example), a number or anything else. Our team will be happy to go over the options with you for how to best utilize these fields for each product!
What is a Pre-Sale?
During the store setup, we’ll work with you on setting a start and end date for the store, during which supporters will be able to place an order. The store will open for ordering on the start date and close on the end date at midnight. Once this pre-sale concludes, we will print all orders and use the method of delivery that was chosen during checkout to distribute them.
Can I submit orders offline that I've collected?
We do recommend you switch entirely over to the new store platform and do away with paper order forms to helps things run smooth. If it’s important for you to offer to sell shirts through paper order forms (offline, as we call it), they must be submitted to Kelgraphics as a separate bulk order, we cannot individually bag these orders by person, and pricing will be based on our regular process. Things such as screen/ink/setup charges will also apply.
Can I change the look and feel of the website?
Absolutely! Our platform lets us offer a wide range of customizable features, including the ability to change theme colors, add custom content such as images and videos and much more. Our design team will work with you every step of the way until it’s exactly how you want it.
Can we do multiple designs?
Due to the chance of not selling our required minimum for each design if there are multiple on the store, we only allow a single design for all apparel.
How many products can I offer?
We have found that simple is better for stores focused on benefits or charities, and therefore have a maximum of 4 products that can be listed on the site. Below we go over our recommendations for what you should choose.
If someone misses the store deadline to order, can we re-open?
Since these types of stores often come with an event date we have found that we can’t let orders through after the end of the store. This ensures there are no delays during production and everyone gets their items delivered on time.
I'm sold! How do I start?
Great to hear! Head over to this Store Application form to send us some important information, and we’ll be in touch! You can also reach out to us at 1-800-331-5251.

Our Recommended Products

View details on each of the products we recommend you use for your online store below

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