Top Picks, Sizing & Placements

The Technique

Embroidery is a technique of decorating apparel, fabric, or other materials with needle and thread. Although it can be done by hand, or machine, all of our embroidery is done by a machine that is specifically made for the apparel promotional industry. Our machines use hoops to hold the garments in place while embroidering, so it is important to make sure that the product can be hooped before we determine the item capable of embroidering.

Our Equipment

We currently have two multiple head embroidery machines, as well as a single head machine which is used for samples, individual names, or extremely large designs that take a great deal of time to run. With a wide variety of thread colors, thousands of stock embroidery designs to use, and in house we not only have the capabilities of making your design look incredible, but we’re also able to keep it at a cost anyone can afford.

Top Picks for Embroidery

With all the different styles and options for embroidered apparel we know our catalog can be confusing. Our main one is over 700 pages long! That’s why we’ve put together the below guide to help you out with your order.





Woven/Dress Shirts


Creative Process

The embroidery process is a complex and amazing one, and our experts are ready to help you logo up some awesome apparel with your brand! 

Adding an embroidered logo or slogan to a garment always adds a classy touch to it, and automatically elevates a product above common promotional items. We do like to follow a few guidelines to make sure your logo turns out as best as it can. 

Size Matters With Stitches

Even though you might think a full back design or a huge crest on the front will make your image stand out, often the opposite happens. Uncomfortable, heavy and often garish-looking, it’s best to keep your logo small and tasteful. 

Use a simple design

Stitching creates a thicker line than ink, and ones that are too complex tend to become hard to read and messy on fabric. Our graphics team will help advise you on any changes that may be needed to your logo in order for it to turn out great.

Properly Placing Embroidery

Our staff is quite knowledgable in the do’s and dont’s of embroidery, and will help guide you in the right direction when it comes to placement. Placement and size go a long way in making an impression with embroidery!

Choosing the Best Fabric

Embroidered logos and outerwear, denim and most knit fabrics go perfect together, while performance material can be unwearable after a single wash. This is why your sales rep will help determine the best fabric for you!

Primed For Perfection

We’re pretty proud of the knowledge and resources at our fingers, and that’s especially true in our embroidery department. With a well-trained staff, some of the best equipment on the market and the willingness to make sure your finished product is the best out there, you can be confident that your team’s custom apparel order is in the right hands!