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This pricing is for signage sold by 4ftx8ft sheets, and the sizes below show the quantity that is available from one sheet.

Coroplast signage is sold in 4ftx8ft sheets, available in many sizes including:

Available Size


24″x18″ – Standard Size10 signs
18″x12″16 signs
14″x22″12 signs
14″x22″12 signs
24″x30″6 signs
44″x28″3 signs
48″x48″2 signs
48″x96″1 sign
24″x6″32 signs

For a complete list of sizes, contact us. For a custom size, it’s a $15 added fee.

Shipping charges for small signs (usually below 2ft in width or height) are $10. Any larger size needs to be custom quoted.

If you are ordering large quantities you may qualify for discount pricing. Contact us for more info.


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