The decor and layout of an office can say a lot about a business, and is often as important as making sure your team is outfitted in the latest styles customized with your logo (something we can’t wait to help work with you on!). Designing a more professional and attractive workplace environment can help to improve everything from a business’s image to employee morale. Keeping the following tips and design ideas in mind can help ensure that business owners are able to enjoy greater success from their design efforts.

1. Creating an Open Layout or Floor-plan

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There is a reason why walled offices and cubicles have begun to fall out of style. A more open layout and free-flowing floor-plan can help to facilitate better communication as well as foster a sense of community among workers. Fewer walls also mean that artwork like wall and window graphics may be more easily viewed and appreciated.

2. Choosing the Right Color Scheme

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The right color palette is far more than just an aesthetic choice. Colors can help to create the right atmosphere and often play a vital role in helping to put workers, staff, and associates into the right frame of mind. The color of any framed art, decorative accents or wall and window graphics used is also something that should be considered carefully.

3. Quality Artwork and Graphics

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Selecting artwork that better expresses the philosophy, brand or image of a business can make quite an impact. Posters and framed art can be used to convey information as well as providing an eye-catching accent for the environment. Wall and window graphics can also be a popular option, one that may allow for more cost-effective decoration and design options.

4. Lighting and Illumination

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Lighting is an aspect of interior design that often goes overlooked. Sufficient illumination can be even more critical within a workplace or office environment. Selecting lighting and illumination options that best showcase the layout and design of the space can help to maximize the impact of other design efforts.

5. Knowing What to Prioritize

Trying to do too much at once is a common mistake. Concentrating on one aspect of the interior design process at a time ensures greater clarity and focus. Taking things one step at a time also ensures those who may be new to interior design are less likely to find themselves feeling lost or overwhelmed. It also means that you’re able to cut costs along the way, and you won’t have as large a dip in productivity as your office is under construction.

Creating the Perfect Office Environment

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The needs and circumstances of every interior environment are always a little bit different. Some experimentation may be needed in order to discover what works and what doesn’t. Businesses should not be afraid to try new things or to revisit their efforts and make whatever changes may be needed over time.

We’ve utilized some of these very examples in our own office space! While re-designing our conference room we wanted to reflect exactly how we see the business moving to help inspire and motivate our team. Below is what we put up on one wall using Low-Tac Wall Adhesive.

On the other side we added some awesome framed canvas prints for that little extra boost of motivation. Contact us today to order some canvas frames for your team!

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